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Who we are

San|taï (adj.): Indonesian for easy, unstrained, relaxed or uncoerced. 

Hello there! We are Santaï, a band formed in Maastricht (NL) by students from all over Europe in 2011. Since then, we are blending various musical styles ranging from folk, rap, reggae and klezmer to jazz into our own style of music – spiced up with lyrics in various languages and occasional poetry slams, stories and theatre interludes. Sounds confusing? Worry not, just have a look at our band trailer:


Second Album release

We are excited to announce that following a creative winter slumber of musical introspection, we will try to use the summer 2017 to start working on our next album! Keep updated for teasers and new singles on our Facebook page.


European Summer tour 2016

We hit the road again for this year´s European summer tour! Playing at festivals in Italy, Austria and Germany we met many lovely people and are looking forward to out future concerts. To see where and when we play, just check out our schedule.


1 week, 2 countries, 4 concerts

Welcome Mateusz, our new percussionist! The concert week with 4 concerts in Maastricht/ Brussels in just one week was an intense but successful integration of our new member Mateusz, responsible for bringin´da swag, and groove. With fresh, new and creative ideas, we are excited to have Mateusz on board!



Like with so many other things in life, the spark for Santaï was given through a considerable amount of alcohol mixed with musical energy at a jam session in the Mandril Cultural Center Maastricht in November 2011. Creativity fed into jams, jams became rehearsals, rehearsals turned into concerts.

And with a growing band with members from all across Europe came new ideas, new styles and new languages. Since then we are mixing it all into a Mélange à la Santaï: Folk, Reggea, Rap, Blues, Klezmer, and Jazz with lyrics in almost all official UN languages. By fusing this musical blend with poetry slams, stories and theatre interludes at our shows, we are trying to take our listeners on a small journey.

Just give it a listen and download our album
, which we recorded and released in 2013 with Jamshid Mahmoudi in Maastricht/ Barcelona. With this first album we have toured and played across Europe both busking in the streets and on festivals: Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlans, Hungary, Austria etc.

If home is where our heart is, then there is no denying that we are based in Maastricht. At the same time, with our members spread across the globe in the US, Europe and occasionally even Asia, we have no choice but to lead a long distance relationship – and as in any love relationship, it is not always easy.

Yet, we manage to still convene to give concerts and small tours; and of course to compose. You will be able to hear and see the results of how exactly this creative process looks like in fall 2017 when we will release our second album – so stay tuned!

Listen to our EP

Our first album “Santaï” is the product of our first two years of our musical blood, sweat and tears.  We recorded it in July 2013 in the pristine nature surrounding Maastricht with Jamshid Mahmoudi. Listen to and download it – it is for free (though we do not mind donations). And remember, the next album is on it´s way.


Upcoming Events

 Communa ASBL, Brussels (BEL)

Mandril Cultural Center, Maastricht (NL)

Munich, location TBC (GER)

 Eine Welt Haus, Munich (GER)

Nuremberg, location TBC (GER)

Nuremberg, location TBC (GER)

Frankfurt, location TBC (GER)

Frankfurt, location TBC (GER)

The Sunday Sessions, Munich (GER)

| 27.01.17

| 28.01.17

| 17.02.17

| 18.02.17

| 03.03.17

| 04.03.17

| 12.05.17

| 13.05.17

| 30.07.17

Past Events

Tanz- und Folkfest, Rudolstadt (GER)

AESON Festival, Fiumicello (IT)

Berndorf, Apple Valley (AT)

Cafe Engels Neukoelln, Berlin (GER)

Laika Bar, Berlin (GER)

Vor uns der Morgen, Hermannshagen (GER)

Felis Bar, Essen (GER)

Stadtbibliothek, Essen (GER)

| 10.07.16

| 23.07.16

| 29.07.16

| 30.07.16

| 04.08.16

| 06.08.16

| 11.11.16

| 12.11.16

Get a taste of us live: